Cyber Daisies

The New Casual Fine Jewelry Line

Cyber Daisies Jewelry is for all the Daisies in the world looking for special solid gold pieces that last a lifetime. We don't do gold plated or vermeil, we only offer pieces that that will last year over year. We hope that we can convince people to stray away from disposable accessories and keep the pieces that hold their value. Start collecting your Gold pieces and feel like the Queen that you are. 


… the cyber daisies lived in a world of fashion, hunting high and low for the wild bold designs. curating sites for fashionably inclined - hopes and satisfying every craving for. chic feminine, but bold and strong. CD is the young feline who wants in her own space, in her own. life exciting and full of colour. modern, independent, free. velvet, metals, and a little bit of gold we love. designer bags, designer rooms. mixing of the elements of the world. each piece fantasizing attitude making a perfectly curated statement… CD eats and sleeps, adores and adores, dreamer of all pieces surrounding her and her universe. blossom and bloom into a room steady as she goes…


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